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 Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection

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PostSubject: Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection   Sun 12 Feb 2012 - 22:41

Right now, Pythona has a place in my collection since she completes my Cobra La core figures. The Snipers also have a place in my IG Army as well as my Viper Army.

Billy doesn't really have any place in my collection though I may be able to fit him into my Cobra Command section or perhaps the Dreadnoks where I put some figures that don't have a place anywhere else yet still look somewhat Nokish.

So I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to fit Dr. Venom into my collection period. Since it seems I will have to find a way to work in him, I would appreciate any ideas. Right now, I have my collection set up as follows (Eventually I'll get a good set of pictures taken of the entire collection):

Iron Grenadiers (Also includes 20 or so Gold and Black Sand Vipers, Club Nullifiers, Targats, etc. Plus the soon to be IG Sniper)

Crimson Guard (Crimson Guards plus a dozen or so BJ's Red Fast Blast Vipers, Wild Weasel, Convention Crimson Guard Commanders and Imperial Procession set plus a few extras.)

Shadow Guard (Includes any Cobra figures colored primarily black as well as several Shadow Guards; Star Vipers, Strato Vipers, etc.)

Viper Army (Around 20 different colored V1 styled Vipers and the soon to be Cobra Sniper)

Dreadnoks (The usual suspects plus figures that don't really fit in elsewhere yet look kind of Nokish; Big Boa, Croc Master for example. Also likely home of the soon to be Billy as he doesn't really fit in my collection elsewhere.)

Coil (Custom Convention Coil Troopers, Overlord, Serpentor)

Python Patrol (TRU PP Figures, PP Televipers, PP Vipers)

BATS (Overkill, Inferno Bats, V1 and V2 Bats)

Arctic Squad (Two Wolfs and a number of Snow Serpents and Ice Vipers)

Cobra La (A few royal guards, Golobulus, Nemesis and the soon to be Pythona)

Cobra Command (Cobra Commander, V1 Destro, Baroness, Overlord, Mindbender, V1 Crimson Twins, Crystal Ball)

Right now, I can't think of where I would place Dr. Venom. I already have Mindbender and Crystal Ball in my Cobra Command so another Doctor figure doesn't really fit. Should I just use him as a generic doctor, maybe part of Mindbender's team? I guess I could also create a separate group of just Club figures and customs but I'd rather integrate into existing sections of the collection. I would love some suggestions for fitting Venom in.
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PostSubject: Re: Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection   Sun 12 Feb 2012 - 22:57

I'm very surprised you don't have a Ninja group. Do you have a v2 Storm Shadow? Billy would be a natural alongside him. Or am I missing something....you only have Cobra/villains listed. You don't collect Joes?

As for Dr. Venom, Cobra Command would be a natural fit. I'm a slave to comics continuity, so I personally would give Venom seniority to Mindbender.

How about having Mindbender defect over to Coil, and giving Venom his place in Cobra Command?
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Posts : 188
Join date : 2011-06-16
Age : 40
Location : WA State

PostSubject: Re: Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection   Sun 12 Feb 2012 - 23:53

I don't have an actual ninja group except for my Jinx army. I forgot about Storm Shadow though; I have a V1 as well as the remake that was used in the Comic Pack. I have an extra V1 for custom as well as a V2. That's about as far as my cobra ninjas go. I guess Billy would look alright when displayed with Storm Shadow. Not a bad idea with the Mindbender for the Coil, I tossed around some ideas of doing a Mindbender custom and putting him with my Coil. I guess I could add Venom to my Cobra Command. A lot of it will depend on how his design ends up, labcoat, suit or what have you.

I do have quite a few Joes though I haven't gotten around to splitting them up into collection subgroups aside from my custom Slaughter, WIP Renegades and Rawhides and some Night Force figures. The Joes are all displayed together as one force.

I am trying to steer my collection toward specific groups and themes in order to maintain focus and control in my collecting. I usually match up figures, at least Cobra for now, by color and/or function. I have become rather picky over the years as far as what I add to my collection. I am not so picky as far as figures I pick up for custom fodder but the final product always has a place. That is why I initially voted for the Mutated Cobra Commander as he would fit well in my Cobra La display. I went with the Helicopter Pilot in the 2nd Quarter Poll as I needed some figures to pilot my Crimson Command Copters (I have three of the big bastards from Spy Troops).

Now female figures will fit extremely well for the next figure (I will army build those) as I am currently working on a female force that serves the Baroness. I have 6 V1 Baroness bodies (including repaints of the original mold) that I am trying to decide on heads for as I ponder customizing.

Fitting these new club figures into my collection not only justifies the spending of money but also adds to my own idea of completeness.
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PostSubject: Re: Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection   Mon 13 Feb 2012 - 0:40

In my case, Dr. Venom will be part of the Cobra R&D under Dr. Mindbender. My Cobra R&D has also Scrap-Iron, Crystal Ball and Interrogator.

Billy is Zartan's protegee.

ARAH is the best fucking toy.
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PostSubject: Re: Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection   

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Fitting ARAH Club Figures into Collection
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